Why we’re here

In the multibillion-dollar, surreal world of big-time sports, it’s often a mistake to position athletes on fragile pedestals and treat mainstream journalists with the respect they’re sure they deserve.


8 responses to “Why we’re here

  1. I’ll sip a little Jack in honor of DuBrow, but he’s no legend. That’s a word that gets tossed around too much.
    But hell, you don’t need a reason to sip Jack.
    Let’s drink to all of those little-known musicians who brighten our days: KDub, JesusH, you know who you are.
    Sleep all day, work all night. Graveyard boy no myth.
    Went golfing with Ty Willingham the other day. Brought along a hot recruit, but Ty decided to hit golf balls instead. Must be doing something right. He’s got the Huskies playing in December .. in Hawaii.
    Sleep all day, work all night. OK, work some of the night.

  2. I am “dumbstruck” by your “use” of “profanity” on this blog and your negativity! Even the “name” of your blog is negative! There are so many bad things in this “world,” like God being taken out of our schools and the terrorists “attacking” our freedoms!!!! Why can’t you “write” about just positive things and inspirational stories? I’ve included a link to what I consider to be “truly” inspirational sports coverage.


    See the column by Brad Locke? Not “only” does his column “carry” a powerful message, but he’s actually funny:

    “Cowherd recently said
    Cincinnati was rife with
    ‘bottom-feeders and low-level
    gutterballs.’ (There are highlevel
    gutterballs?) Cowherd
    says many silly things like
    that, and I honestly wonder if
    ESPN’s honchos listen to their
    own product.”

    Ha, ha. See “what” I mean? 🙂

    I think you all should learn from his message.

    Blessed day!
    Ruth Etters

  3. Oh, and who is that “potty” mouth Rubewaddell? I am just shocked by his “language” and “constant” use of the “F-bomb”! I know Mr. Paterno would never talk “like” that and I think it’s terrible to say that he did!! Mr. Rubewaddell “needs” to go to church!!

    Blessed day!!
    Ruth Etters

  4. Ruth,
    I’m begging you to please stop using “quotes” around words. It’s relatively “annoying” and very “distracting.” It’s hard enough to read anything on this site without the “overt” use of far “too many” “unnecessary” punctuation marks.

    As for Rube Waddell, well, he’s a bitter, angry man, who hates the world. He reminds of sports fan from Philadelphia.

  5. I think “quotation” marks are very “much” necessary! I don’t “understand” why you would call into question “my” use of them?!? How else would I “stress” what words I “think” are important?!?
    Have you ever “looked” at Strunk and White? It’s a book! It has stuff in it “about” quotation marks!

    I think “you” must be a “bitter,” “angry” man, Mr. Seven, “otherwise” you “would” appreciate the pretty marks quotation marks “make” on the page!

    Blessed day!!
    Ruth Etters

  6. Actually, I have run across Joe Paterno when he is not in front of a microphone and he lets those ‘f-bombs’ fly for no reason at all. If you look at him cross-eyed he will become furious and give you a stare as if you don’t even belong in the same Uni-Mart parking lot with him.

    … continue to skewer the self-important … sharpen those barbs as there are many lofty towers that need to come crashing to the ground


  7. Ruth Etters is crazy…I LOVE your Sports writing. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Ruth? What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously? Maybe you should spend more time watching the latest “men are evil” movie in lifetime movie network instead of reading sports blogs that consist mostly of men who don’t live in a perfect little world like you apparently do.

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