Surprise: WNBA game sparks fan interest

DeLisha was a good girl

Everybody knows

Paid two thousand dollars for Rick’s new suit of clothes

He was her man but he done her wrong

Detroit Shock assistant coach Rick Mahorn does the fox trot with Los Angeles Sparks assistant Laura Beeman, but girlfriend DeLisha Milton-Jones, right, is not impressed.

I always worry that sports reveal a lot more about me than I’d be comfortable admitting in even impolite company.

Like somewhere inside, not all that far down, I’m a scheming troglodyte who might be lobbying for Exxon-Mobil and voting Republican if only I would get in touch with my inner self.

Because, while I regularly wear one pink and one purple sock, change diapers and mouth leftist platitudes, I hate the WNBA.

Does this mean I’m a misogynist at heart?


Exhibit 1-A: Tuesday’s melee/instant YouTube sensation that paired the Los Angeles Sparks and Detroit Shock of the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association).

I took one look at the above photograph, and my inner Neanderthal soared with a nasty, but pure, joy. If it could be represented outwardly, that joy would look a lot like the look of insidious glee that overtook the Grinch’s face when he hatched the nefarious plan to stop Christmas from coming to Whoville.

The notion of 175-pound Milton-Jones executing a flank attack on the must-be-close-to-300-pound Mahorn suffused my being with a greater happiness than that produced by Phillies scoring six runs in the ninth to stun the Mets.

And that’s sad.

Buzz Bissinger was right.

The blogosphere is crawling with small, mean-spirited, foul-mouthed wretches.

Fuckers like me.


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