Step 1

I admit I am powerless over my addiction.

My life has become unmanageable.

But I will beat this downward-spiraling, gutter-beckoning, life-destroying monster.

One step at a time.

I know there are other things, many wonderful things, going on in our world.

But I have excluded them from my heart, because I am a fanatic.

Many beautiful, uplifting things.

There is art. There is music. There is literature.

And current events. Blessed, unpredictable current events.

Brett Favre, please go away again, then come back again, and go away again again.

You leave me wanting more and less, all at once.

To Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman, I’m so sorry for your loss.

To Brad and Angelina, congratulations on your gains!

Welcome Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline!

I hear your voice, Mr. Bongo Fury.

So far behind, so much to make up for. So much life tossed into the garbage, unrecoverable.

Did you know we were still in Iraq?





And that “wardrobe malfunction” is still in currency?

Proof, once again, that there is a higher power.

Sanity, I hear you beckon.

I am on the road, taking one step at a time.

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