Why America is Great, and Why Liberals Want to Deny it


Welcome to the first in an occasional political digression that is loosely conceived as an exploration of the divisive and disingenuous political culture of that defective species known as the American Liberal.

Of course, we might start with the fatuous bombast of the Academy Awards, which are nothing short of a self-congratulatory auto-erotic liberal orgy. But this is a serious blog, and if we want to conserve America for good Americans everywhere, we’ll have no time for such frivolity. Besides, I secretly want to touch myself in an impure manner when I hear the undulant strains of Nicole Kidman’s sexy Australian accent.

Let’s talk Obama, before it’s too late. Kudos to New York Times columnist and American hero Bill Kristol. One of the leading lights of the Neo-conservative movement, Kristol was one of the first visionaries to shred the balloon of liberal negativity and understand that our liberation of Iraq would become a smashing success and an inspiration to freedom-seeking peoples everywhere.


Fair, balanced and brilliant

This week, Mr. Kristol adroitly pointed out that not only has the liberal savior Barack Obama stopped wearing an American-flag pin on his lapel, but he’s using his considerable gift for shameless demagoguery to magically spin this anti-patriotic, blame-America-first fashion statement into some kind of elitist, pathetic, and hopeless I’m-so-much-better-than-you-that-I-don’t-need-to-wear-the-flag-on-my-sleeve gesture.


Hint: Rhymes with “Osama”

Wake up and smell the napalm burning, America! This guy’s middle name is “Hussein.”

Thankfully, true patriots like Bill Kristol and Rush Limbaugh stand vigilant at the ramparts of our republic in an effort to make sure that honest, hard-working Americans aren’t taken in by this madrassa-sleeper of a snake-oil salesman.

Sic Semper Tyrannus!

One response to “Why America is Great, and Why Liberals Want to Deny it

  1. I won’t be truly happen until the digression reaches a polemic on the virtues of Trader Joe’s black pepper.

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