You can beat on Wally all you want, but you can’t deny his smoldering sexuality

10:09 EST, 7:09 PST, 3:09 GMTszczerb.jpg

And why wouldn’t Wally be happy?

He got traded from Seattle to Cleveland in the middle of February; that’s like going to bed with Kathy Bates in Siberia and waking up next to Uma Thurman in Cancun.

In any case, it didn’t take those rat bastards in Seattle/Oklahoma City to punish poor Wally for his ill-timed outburst. On Tuesday he scores 13 points in the fourth quarter as the Sonics rally from 101 down to beat the lowly Grizzlies. On Thursday, the SuperSonics executioners executives make an example of him by sending him out of town. Postehaste.

The lesson was plain as my disregard for professional ethics: Veer from the mandated scorched-earth policy, and you’re finished. No playing out the string on an abysmal lottery team for you, bucko. No, you sorry sack of shit, it’s the Eastern Conference playoffs for you. See how you like that, buster!

You are dead to Clay Bennett, Wally Z. Dead. You hear that? Dead!


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