Friday night live blog from the depressing cubicles of the MSM


Welcome to the first weekly and almost certainly only installment of Unsportsmanlike Comment’s Friday night live blog from the soul-crunching bowels of the mainstream media.

Yes, we are living dreadful little lives filled to the brim with quiet desperation. Not only are we card-carrying foot soldiers in the ranks of an obsolete juggernaut; we are also pathetic, Johnny-come-lately Web scribblers moved by a half-hearted sense of revulsion at whole absurd enterprise.

But tonight we break new ground. It could be worse. For instance, we could be have been selected in the nonpareil Kissing Suzy Kolber’s mock draft of execrable blogs.

We could be, like, The Big Lead. Of course, then we’d have a readership stretching beyond single digits. Think of all the pressure that would bring. Hell, we’d have reason to feel guilty for publishing only once every calendar month.

Yes, that would truly suck. As for now, we can publish into the great void anytime we feel the prick of self-indulgence.

Like now, for instance. It’s 9:17 in the East, 6:17 in the West and 2:17 Greenwich Mean Time. Still five-plus hours to deadline, and time is a-wasting. And the live blog is on.


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