Crunch time nears, and we’re nowhere near the red zone

1:43 EST, 10:43 PST, 6:43 GMT

So I guess it’s time to give 110 percent, leave everything in the cubicle and let the chips fall where they may.

As we approach the one-hour-to-deadline mark, here’s some barely palatable food for shallow thought:

Star of the day: Kelvin Sampson, of course.

Even on his way out, once again soiled in his own offal, he manages to slip in a bit of hackneyed, insincere boilerplate.

Take it, Kelvin: “… I’m saddened that I will not have the opportunity to coach these student-athletes …”

When it comes to the wondrously sleazy world of big-time college sports, there’s no cliché that can go toe-to-toe with “student-athlete.”

Bust of the day: Robert Swift


Robert is everything Bill Walton was, except magically talented and magisterially obnoxious.

He got the red hair, he got the length, he got the California pedigree, he got the never-ending knee injuries. Of course, he lacks the national championships, the 88 consecutive wins and the time logged touring with the Grateful Dead.

He’s had almost as many injuries as baskets since the Sonics took him with the 12th overall pick out of high school in 2004.

Yet Seattle GM Sam Presti, who inherited this 85-inch sack of bust, did his best to match Sampson’s score on the disingenuous meter:

“Robert is an important part of the Sonics,” Presti heard himself saying after Swift went down with yet another season-ending knee injury.

Well, that’s all we have time for. It’s 47 minutes to deadline, and It would be unethical to continue to post nonsense while my colleagues are in trouble.


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