Hail to the mighty Blue Hen chicken!


Seems everybody from Georgia to Los Angeles has an ax to grind with the BCS.

Everybody’s got an opinion on who really deserves to play in the college football title game and an idea on how to make things better so that future generations of fans won’t have to cower beneath an ominous cloud of BCS nonsense.

Let’s check in with our friend Jenni out in the Oklahoma dust bowl, where she’s honing her multimedia chops in an effort to impress Chairman of the Board Clay Bennett.

Jenni ? … You there, Jenni? … Ummm … Jenni?
jenni.jpg jenni4.jpgjenni3.jpg

Sorry. As you can see, Jenni is a little busy. But you can access her insight in her blog, or better yet, check out the video, where she gives a dramatic reading of her prose-poetry.

Listen with awe as she modulates her voice brilliantly to show bewilderment, sarcasm and righteous anger in reaction to Sunday night’s BCS “um-nouncement.”

Um-nouncement. Really. Our Jenni, she’s a rebel.

The Web 2.0 visionaries in Oklahoma City have devoted an entire page to all things Jenni. This is the kind of cutting-edge stuff that keeps newspapers relevant in the digital age. It’s must-see Internet. No 2girls1cup, maybe, but revelatory nonetheless.

But we’re not here to talk about Jenni.

We’re here to give you our pick for the football team that, as Jenni might say, got totally hosed by the BCS’ decision to pair LSU and Ohio State in the Jan. 7 championship game.

Yes, we’re talking about the Fighting Blue Hens of the University of Delaware.

bluehen2.jpg Sure, the Blue Hen chickens are a three-loss team. But really, how far of a descent is it from a two-loss team (LSU) to a three-loss team? Would this really debase the gold standard that is the BCS?

How do Flingin’ Joe Flacco and the Fighting Blue Hens match up with LSU and Ohio State? Let’s cut to the tale of the tape.

First, let’s take LSU.

Using the transitive property of gridiron analysis, we will show that the Blue Hens match up rather nicely with the Bayou Bengals.

The facts: Delaware won at Navy (59-52). Navy beat North Texas (74-62). North Texas beat Louisiana-Monroe (31-21). Monroe won at Alabama (21-14). Alabama beat Arkansas (41-38), and Arkansas won at LSU (50-48), knocking the Tigers out of the BCS picture for all of a week.

If the Blue Hen chickens can beat the Commander-in-Chief Trophy champ (Navy) on its own field, they certainly could handle N. Texas. Same for Louisiana-Monroe. And if Monroe can beat Bama on its own field, well, you get the idea.

And Ohio State?

Well … The Blue Hens won at top-ranked Northern Iowa, 37-29, in the Division I-AA quarterfinals. N. Iowa beat Iowa State (24-13); Iowa State beat Iowa (15-13); Iowa beat Illinois (10-6); and Illinois beat Ohio State (28-21).

This is no emotional plea. This is cold, hard, empirical fact. And given these facts, it would be the acme of foolishness to say with any certainty that the Blue Hen chickens could not whip up on the Tigers or Buckeyes on any given Monday night in New Orleans.

These chickens are ferocious road warriors. And it says here that, once the 10-3 Blue Hens finish up with their business in the Football Championship Subdivision tournament, they move on up and take down the survivor of that LSU-Ohio State appetizer for the championship of the known college football universe.


PS. We certainly hope, given the aforementioned merits of its case, the folks at the NCAA and BCS won’t discriminate against Delaware just because its mascot is female in gender. Jenni would not be pleased!

One response to “Hail to the mighty Blue Hen chicken!

  1. I gotta say, I hate Jenni. I know that her adoring fans on unsportsmanlikeconduct might meet such an observation with horror. But it’s true. I just don’t get what you guys think is so wonderful about her.

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