I love grass! By Shaun Alexander


Some of my teammates really like to go to the movies. Some like to ride around on motorcycles. Me? I love grass!

No, not the kind the “stoned” kids in college smoked. I’m talking about good ol’ fashioned fescue, bluegrass, Kentucky grass (just the grass though … the heck with the Wildcats!!!) Even FieldTurf is fine with me, just so long as it’s green and it’s on the ground. In fact, the ground is where you’ll find me lots of the time, too!

Sometimes, I’ll be running the football up the middle of the line and see a couple of ticked off linebackers chugging my way. Well, my momma always told me I’ve got a problem with letting my mind wander when I get to feeling nervous, and sure enough! I’ll start thinking about how nice and soft that grass would be to lay on. I’ll admit, I can’t help myself, and next thing you know, those confused linebackers are jumping on top of my already prone body (or, let’s be honest, the football) while I’m enjoying the soothing sensation of grass on my forearms!

I know sometimes the kids in the stands get sad cause I like the grass so much, and their parents even boo me! Heck, it really gets me down … for about five seconds! All I have to do is think about how Pastor Casey says Jesus just wants us all to be happy. (Man, that guy always knows what to say. Note to myself: Tithe more!)

So I always know that the next sweep is only a couple plays away, and I’ll be feeling better just as soon as I can get back to my happy spot – on the grass!

Man, I’m such a goof! Coach Mike is always saying, “Look, Shaun, I know you love the grass. Heck, who can blame you? Everybody loves the grass! But we need you to… ”

I’ll be honest (again!) and tell you this is where I usually forget to listen because I’m too busy trying not to giggle at his funny mustache! And once I’m in a silly mood, I start thinking about other things that make me happy, and next thing you know, there I am, lying in the grass again, but with Coach Mike saying bad words! Man, it seems like he’s always cussing up a storm at one thing or the other! I think after practice one day, I’ll pull him aside, tell him to take his shoes off, and see if – you guessed it! – he calms down after a nice long walk across the grass with me!


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